The Church

Church @ Kolkata

The Kolkata Mar Thoma Church is holding the head high with more than Seventy years of its rich heritage. A treasure inherited from Church loving and spritually enriched, foresighted forefathers. KMTSC is the first multi-storied church center and the first air-conditioned Mar Thoma Parish in India.

What We Believe

The trust that filled with peace, faith, hope, and assurance of things not seen. The word that paved the way for his people in the midst of Pharaoh and the Red Sea. The love, which has raised its children from nothingness to the pinnacle of eminence. Yes!! We believe in the miraculous and wonderful word of God’s Love.

Mission of Revival

Our Mission enhances the understanding and faithfulness to the God through spirituality and social interaction. Prayer, meditation, and missionary testimony resurrects and revives the mission. Our declared mission is a concerted effort to spread the love of Jesus Christ in the soil of Bengal by putting words into action.

Mother Teresa & KMTSC

Mother Teresa said “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”. Mother Teresa’s visits, presence, advice, and blessings were the enrichment of all our events. KMTSC pays homage to Mother Teresa, who made history with extraordinary courage, asceticism, and self-sacrifice. We bow our heads before your ever-present memories.

Janata Medical Service

There is no need for a healer other than a sick person. Following in Jesus’ footsteps KMTSC started its Bengal mission with a charitable dispensary for poor and needy. The blessings of Mother Teresa helped us to be the memorable charitable institution in Kolkata. The JMS’s role in Jesus’ healing ministry is to go beyond the four walls and reach every corner of society where others are reluctant to go.

Jagaddal Projects

Jagaddal Project is the Golden Jubilee project of KMTSC. The Evangelistic work in the villages, qualitative English medium school at affordable fee structure, cooperative housing societies, approachable medical services, functional and developmental initiatives have promoted Jagaddal from an ordinary project to “North Eastern Mar Thoma Center”.