With deep sorrow, we place on record the sad demise of our members and relatives of our members.

Our condolences to the bereaved families and may God grant them His grace and strength during this time of grief. Kindly uphold the members of the families in your prayers.

Mrs. Omana Varghese - Died on 24-10-2020

Mrs. Omana Varghese, W/o Mr. A G Varghese, former member of South Kolkata Prayer group (Hazra) passed away on 24-10-2020 at Kerala.
Funeral service will be held on 26-10-2020 at Emmanuel Marthoma Church, Punnakunnu, Thumpamon North, Kerala. (home – 10:30am  and church – 2.30 pm)

Mr. Abraham Varghese (Reji) - Died on 11-10-2020

Mr. Abraham Varghese (Reji -51 years ), S/o Mr. T. A. Varghese of CIT prayer group passed away on 11-10-2020 at Kolkata and conducted the funeral on 12-10-2020 at Bhowanipore cemetery.

Mrs. Valsala Thankappan - Died on 03-10-2020

Mrs. Valsala Thankappan of South Kolkata Prayer Group passed away on 03-10-2020 and conducted the funeral on 04-10-2020 at Bhowanipore cemetery.

Dr. Pulak Kumar Shaw - Died on 11-09-2020

Dr. Pulak Kumar Shaw, MBBS, 69 years of age, a respected and a noble doctor of Kolkata passed away on 11th September 2020. The funeral service will be conducted at 12 pm, on Wednesday, 23rd of September 2020, at 62/1, Durga Charan Doctor Road, Kolkata -700014.

He served the people of West Bengal in various places as a physician of West Bengal Health Services. After retirement from WB Health services too, he continued to serve the people. Since 2018, he was associated with Janata Medical Service, a Charitable organization under Kolkata Mar Thoma Syrian Church, involved in medical aid to the poor and needy people in and around Park Circus and also other places in West Bengal. He was involved in relief work during the floods in Sunderbans for two decades, and treated innumerable patients and helped them heal.

A man who lived his life in service of others, passionate about football, cricket, Bengali food, movies, and politics. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Sabita Shaw, and two daughters, Dr. Surupa Shaw and Dr. Anurupa Shaw.

We, the Kolkata Mar Thoma Syrian Church, wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family. May his soul rest in peace.

Mr. P V George - Died on 22-08-2020

Mr. P V George, 93 years, father of Mrs. Annie Zachariah of Dum Dum prayer group passed away on 22-08-2020 at Mallappally, Kerala.

Mr. V. M. Mathews - Died on 15-08-2020

Mr. V.M.Mathews, (former member) father of KMTSC members Mrs. Leena Jacob & Mrs Sally Varghese of Behala prayer group passed away on 15-08-2020 and conducted the funeral on 16-08-2020 at Sehion Marthoma Church, Varikkadu, Kerala.

Rev. Dr. V E Varghese. Died on 26-07-2020

Rev. Dr. V E Varghese, Ex Professor in Bishops College passed away on 26-07-2020 at Vellore hospital. Achen was professor of Ethics when Stephanos Episcopa was studying at Bishop’s college. He is a relative (ഉപ്പാപ്പൻ) of Mrs. Annamma Zachariah & Mr. Mathew V Koshy (Behala).

Mrs. Rachel Thomas, Died on 20-07-2020

Mrs. Rachel Thomas (75 years),  wife of Mr. V S Thomas (cousin of Mr. V P Abraham), our former member till 1974, passed away on 20-07-2020 at Houston.

Mr. K A Philipose - Died on 17-07-2020

Mr. K A Philipose (93 years)

Father of our member Mr. Samuel Philips (Kunjumon, Park Circus) passed away on 17-07-2020 at Nilambur, Kerala.

Dr. Philip Keerikkadu, Died on 07-07-2020

Dr. Philip Keerikkadu (91 years), our former member till 1978, passed away on 07-07-2020 at Houston. Funeral service conducted on 11-07-2020.

Mr. K. E. Cherian - Died on 25-06-2020

Mr. K. E. Cherian
Father of Mrs. Tara John, (Alipore Prayer Group) passed away on 25-06-2020 at Chennai.

Mrs. Sosamma Mathew - Died on 20-06-2020

Mrs. Sosamma Mathew (Jolly, 61 years), our former member (Elliot Road) passed away on 20-06-2020 at Kerala.

Mrs. Sosamma Podiyan - Died on 23-05-2020

Mrs. Sosamma Podiyan (92 years), eldest sister of our member Advocate Chacko Mathai passed away on 23-05-2020 at Pune.

Mrs. Annamma Idikkula - Died on 21-05-2020

Mrs. Annamma Idikkula (92 years) the paternal mother of Sneha kochamma, passed away on 21-05-2020 at Kerala.

Mr. Prinu Koshy - Died on 19-05-2020

Mr. Prinu Koshy, a member of Venmony Sehion MTC, passed away on 19-05-2020 at Kolkata and conducted the funeral on 29-05-2020 at Bhowanipore cemetery.

Mr. George Mathew - Died on 17-04-2020

Mr. George Mathew (69 years), elder brother of Mr. Joseph Mathew (Thankachan of South Kolkata prayer group) and Mr. Thomas Mathew (Kochumon of Park Circus prayer group) passed away on 17-04-2020 at Anchal, Kerala.

Mr. T.A. George - Died on 29-03-2020

Mr. T.A. George (91 years) of CIT Prayer group passed away on 29-03-2020 and conducted the funeral on 30-03-2020 at Bhowanipore cemetery.

Mrs. Leela Eapen - Died on 22-03-2020

Mrs. Leela Eapen, (former member) wife of Mr. P.M. Eapen (Park Circus prayer group) passed away on 22-03-2020 at Palarivattom, Kerala.